Alison O’Meara, AGNP

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Why did you choose to become a nurse practitioner?

I chose to become a nurse practitioner because when I was working as an RN, I saw how important that role was in health care. I witnessed how NPs were able to bring their bedside nursing experience into a provider role and apply that knowledge in details that made a significant difference in patient lives. I am driven by making a difference, and I believe that at the core of the nurse practitioner’s role, we make a significant difference in the delivery of patient care.

What’s special about Specialists in General Surgery?

Everything! Everyone at SGS is committed to our patients and wants to see them succeed in their health care goals. The teamwork, respect, efficiency and how well they keep up with the ever-changing world of health care is amazing. Everyone takes the time to care for each and every one of our patients and wants to make sure they receive the care that they deserve.