Adrianne L. Bowen, MD, MBA, FACS

Adrianne L. Bowen, MD


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Adrianne Bowen, MD, MBA, FACS, said she loved her surgical rotations when she was a medical student, but never thought she wanted to be a surgeon. When it came time to apply for residency, however, she didn’t really like any of her other options, so she opted for a surgical internship, thinking she could figure out what she really wanted to do later. She has never regretted her decision. She said deciding to work at Specialists in General Surgery was another good decision. “The people I work with every day all care deeply about their patients, their colleagues, and their families,” she said. “It truly feels like my ‘other’ family. I know I can trust them to help take care of my patients. My partners are all excellent surgeons, but more importantly, they are all caring and supportive people.” When she’s not working, Dr. Bowen enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, mostly in the outdoors camping, hiking, biking, and boating.